When I met Kristen in 2010, she taught me that a nuanced understanding of our strengths — those things we love doing, and are great at — would lead to higher business impact and more meaningful job satisfaction. With Kristen as a thought partner, I experimented with re-designing the way I did my own work. Every single time we collaborated, the time flew by, and I walked away with new insights about myself and the people around me.

Based on these significant results, Kristen and I set out to bring this work to teams of people around the world. Over the past years, she has had a tremendous impact, and significantly shaped how much of our individual and team work gets done. I’ve seen Kristen completely change the perspectives people had on their job, their teams, their colleagues and themselves. She is a transformative leader.

Kristen’s approach has been hugely impactful across work groups, countries and companies. I will always carry it forward, and can’t imagine a day when we’re not continuing to collaborate on how to move our thinking forward.

–Lynda Talgo, COO, Hyperwallet


If you are at all interested in getting to the fullest expression of your own (or your team’s) talent and potential, Kristen will get you there. And she’ll do it in an immensely practical, fun, engaging and powerful way.

I’ve seen leaders and entire teams transform for the better over time through working with Kristen. The best part? Because the Native Genius Method helps people get out of their own way and power up their best selves, the positive transformation that takes place is sustainable and has impact not just at work but also across all domains of life.

–Rich Fernandez, Co-Founder, Wisdom Labs, former Director of Executive Development, Google


Kristen is the the real-deal. What is see is what you get — heart, soul, mind.

–Melissa Diamler, Head of Learning and Organizational Development, Twitter


Kristen really ‘gets it’ when it comes to helping people grow. She understands how to unlock development, in a way that makes it look and feel easy to do. My entire team gets a whole lot more out of their working lives thanks to Kristen. And her positive, engaging approach to work makes every interaction a rewarding experience – she rocks!

Dieter Newell, Senior Director, eBay


Having worked with Kristen, I can truly say she is by far one of the smartest and professional executive coaches there is. The executive 360 that she performed is something that resonates today (even after two years) and we now use it as an internal resource twice a year. Her style is not over-bearing but rather she is a great listener and communicator — and helps you ask and answer all of the hard questions. I highly recommend Kristen and would use her in a heartbeat.

Serge Matta, CEO, comScore


Kristen was a favorite at our event! Her work on Native Genius appealed to people from many different sectors, and her delivery had everybody laughing and feeling connected. We have already asked her back for next year!

–Chantal Pierrat, Founder, Emerging Women Live


It is a very rare consultant who brings equal parts of the most critical elements: knowledge, wisdom, judgment, integrity and trust. Kristen is one of the rarest of the rare. She has brought to both my company and me unparalleled value for more than five years and I look forward to many more years of her counsel.

–Dave Wilson, MBA, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Graduate Management Admission Council


This is the best thing to happen for my own personal development in the past 9 years in eBay, and in my career overall.

–Grainne Walsh, Manager, eBay


With a relatively new team coming together for the first time in an off-site setting, and pressing needs to turn around a difficult situation which jeopardized year-end targets attainability, I was torn between two options that seemed sub-optimal: either focus our time on team dynamics and how to leverage each other’s strengths, or focus on pressing business issues. Kristen actually enabled my team to do both: She helped us master a Lean Startup methodology to develop solution hypothesis which could be quickly tested, and used this team activity to reflect upon team dynamics and ultimately got us to a point where we could leverage each other’s strengths much better.

Andrea Rota, Senior Director, eBay


Kristen Wheeler led an excellent workshop for people managers at StubHub. What is so fantastic about her approach is that Kristen brings her work to life – she is literally a living, breathing example of her message. It is clear in the way she delivers her message Kristen is walking fully in her life and work. She brings just a bit of magic to everything she does and the people lucky enough to be in her presence are changed for the better after working with her.

Anne Robie, Head of HR, Stubhub


You are a phenomenal coach and ally. I owe you a very sincere thank you for providing me tools to stay true to myself while still operating effectively in my company’s work environment. Your input, guidance and support — completely free of judgment but with only a sincere desire to help me “find my way” — is something I will forever be grateful for.

–Nicole Guiet, Talent Acquisition Director, CH2M Hill


I was asked to meet with Kristen to think about ways we could use strengths within our broader team. I am so appreciative of this opportunity, especially because at first I thought, “Sure, I’ll check it out, I’ve read these books 100 times, but sure, I’ll see how our broader team can benefit.”

I had already read the StrengthsFinder book and took the test, and I knew what my strengths were. But one hour with Kristen gave me so much more insight. I was simply amazed at how I was able to connect the dots. I often found myself thinking, “Oh, so that’s why I did that,” or “Oh, that’s why I reacted that way.” I was learning more about my Native Genius.

Working with Kristen came at a perfect time for me. I had just changed roles and our entire management team changed. I was finding my normal way of working wasn’t working, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do different. I started having self-doubt and I’ll admit my confidence took a bit of a dip. I looked forward to my meetings with Kristen and she gave me tools and new ways of thinking about things, that once I embraced, completely changed my attitude and regained my confidence.

Monica Paluso, Senior Director, eBay


Thank you again for a fantastic talk and helping us create a great evening. I had lunch with a couple of clients last week who attended the event and they were still raving about the event, the dialogue it created for them with their teams, and the great networking. Onward and upward.

–Jantzen Bridges, Client Service Partner, Slalom Consulting


Kristen is the best consultant I have ever engaged, regardless of the project. Her competence is all encompassing –- content, communication –- both listening and reporting/explaining – time and budget control, and most of all, integrating with the professionals/teams involved. Her particular genius is that she is simply better at inspiring trust, confidence and even affection, than virtually any consultant with whom I have worked.

–Denny Reigle, MBA, Managing Partner-Emeritus, Human Resources, Arthur Andersen; currently, Director of Academic & Career Development, AICPA


Kristen has been an invaluable resource, providing an outstanding return on our investment. She drove results and had innovative solutions for the many challenges we faced, providing excellent guidance, mentoring, and support. She is insightful, professional, effective, and always motivational. From an individual perspective, she played an important part in my professional growth over the past two years.

–Deborah Campdera, National Recruiting Director, Grant Thornton, LLP


Kristen Wheeler has made a difference in my business by helping me to clearly identify and understand both my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. By being “real” about my circumstances, I have been able to effectively capitalize on the right opportunities while addressing my most critical challenges. In regard to the specific project we tackled, it was a huge success and I would hire her again without any hesitation.

–Sean Lewis, CIMA, Managing Director, Oppenheimer & Co.


Kristen Wheeler is a gulp of fresh air; leading with dynamic energy, humor, compassion and wisdom. Her unique balance of left-brained analytics and right brain exploration and creativity allowed our business to gracefully realign with our mission when making critical decisions. Her laser-like focus on system dynamics, client satisfaction, and successful outcomes is refreshing and financially valuable.

–Susan Coppage Evans, MA, D.Min., Executive Director, Eating Disorder Center of Denver; currently Board of Directors, Eating Recovery Center


When I’m frustrated and can only see dead ends, Kristen sees possibility, choice and my creative brilliance. She’s my career maharishi.

–Jules Brandon, Voice Over Artist and Radio Announcer, KUT Austin


Kristen Wheeler ROCKS! She connects to people genuinely and this makes her message even more powerful. Her persona, knowledge, aura and sheer speaking ability make her entertaining and insightful. The way she speaks about transforming the world of work and the inner world of individuals stuck with participants.

–Angel Acosta, Program Director, College for Every Student


The work that I have done with Kristen Wheeler and Native Genius is among the most profound work that I have done in my life. A little more than a year ago, I was considering leaving my job and selling my company. Instead I merged companies and today I can say with incredible confidence that I love what I do. What an incredible shift for me in just one short year! I can’t adequately express the impact Native Genius has had on me.

–Chris Geer, Co-President, Countryside Asset Management Corp


Before working with Kristen, my Native Genius was asleep in the shadows. The process that unfolded during our work together brought my most natural talents into the light, and nurtured their development. What I harvested was three inventions, one patent search and a well of ambition I will see to fruition over the next ten years of my life. Kristen Wheeler has been and will continue to be, instrumental in the process of realizing my dreams.

–Christian Glover, Musician, Teacher and Private Contractor, Imagine


I had been feeling hopeless and at a loss before — in a job transition and thinking “Well, I guess I could do this,” but “I better take what I can get.” Now I have so much hope and who knew I had so many natural abilities? I now know how much I have to offer. Preparing for these job interviews was like planning for a vacation. I knew what I was doing, I went in fully prepared . . . and I just got my dream job.

–Kevin Gray, Facilitator, Verus Global


The way that Kristen explains Native Genius, including her methodology for narrowing in on what matters most, is a life changing re-orientation. I got a permission slip to be more wholly myself. Focusing on my Native Genius allows me to show up in ways that are fundamental to my essence – no matter what the circumstance or environment. I highly recommend cultivating and exploring your many Native Genius nuances so that you can be more playful and conscious about how you experience your life.

–Ariel Snapp, User Experience Manager, Towers Watson