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Amplify Your Native Genius with 5 Tiny Actions

It’s the small things we do repeatedly that make the difference – that’s true whether we are talking about staying fit, saving money, or using our Native Genius. Here are 5 tiny actions that you can do in a few minutes per week.


Powerful Questions – 2 Tiny Actions to Amplify Native Genius in Others

In addition to applying Native Genius for your own self-improvement you can also inspire it in others. Everyone has the innate ability to apply this special uber intelligence, but sometimes it needs a little help.


Native Genius Quick Reference Cards

Human capital is our most valuable resource. The Quick Reference Cards show fresh ways to think about bringing your best self to leadership, teammates and work products. Be more aware and improve where you focus your creativity and time.



The Secret Weapon to Rocking Your Work

Acquire a new secret weapon to rocking your work: a special type of uber intelligence called Native Genius. Many use this ability unconsciously, but being able to tap into it at will can unleash additional benefits in your work and everyday life. (10-minutes).


My Favorite Story to Explain Native Genius

To understand Native Genius you have to see it and feel it, more than simply knowing a technical definition. This is a story from my personal life that illustrates how to spot Native Genius and why it’s so powerful for both well-being and leadership. After listening, you’ll start seeing Native Genius in the everyday actions of yourself and others (10-minutes).



Why Desire Matters at Work

This 3-minute video helps you think about human talent in a new way. When we think about strengths, weaknesses, hobbies and gifts, our main focus is on ability and output, but not desire. Whether you want more success or well-being, desire is the overlooked ingredient.


Get More from Your Team: 2 Actions to Find and Use Native Genius

Free 35-minute video session introducing leaders to Native Genius and how to get more from your team in a way that feels great to them.