Program for Individuals

YOUR JOURNEY TO MEANINGFUL WORK THAT KICKS ASS: A deep dive into your innate talents and how to use them more. End the dilemma of “happiness or success.” This is about having both, on your terms.

2 Workshops | 4 Hours of individual coaching | Limited to 4 people 

Boulder, Colorado, Spring 2017


Are you ready?

You’ve already been successful in your career. Now you want more meaning and vibrancy from your work. It’s time to “up your game” in whatever way you define it.  You want to be happy and make a difference. Without sacrificing income.  It makes sense that you want what you want. Here’s why. You may feel like you’re are at a crossroads or approaching one. You may be between roles or wanting more from your current role and how to grow in your current role. You want clarity and confidence about your decisions, development and plans. You want the knowledge and skills to steer yourself towards more fulfilling work where you can make even bigger contributions. You want supportive guidance and time to pause, reflect, regroup and GO.

How the program works

This is an in person high-touch learning experience. It’s highly interactive, filled with aha moments, deep work and fun. The program includes 3-4 hours of pre-work, 2 half-day in-person workshops, and 4-hours of individual coaching with Kristen via video.

This is the best thing to happen for my own personal development in the past 12 years in ebay, and in my career overall. —Grainne Walsh, Manager, ebay


You’ll start your Native Genius journey with a few exercises, questions and taking an assessment. You’ll get specific to-do’s. You’ll bring your pre-work to the first workshop so we can hit the ground running.


Friday March 10, 12:00-5:30 Includes Lunch

  1. How to spot Native Genius and how you can miss it
  2. Native Genius Up Close: Surface Native Genius from key moments in your work history
  3. Zooming Out: Tying Your Native Geniuses to Personality Test Results (StrengthsFinder and MBTI)
  4. Next Steps: How to put this work into action in your work right away


We uncover all the major aspects of your Native Genius in a 2-3 hour* individual coaching session, via video.  You’re welcome to invite friends, family or colleagues to this. We’ll help you decide if you want to invite others and whom to invite. In addition, you’ll meet with at least one other participant from the group to help each other.


Wednesday April 5, 12-5:30, Includes Lunch

  1. The key action most people miss that’s way more important than figuring out your Native Genius
  2. Working with your specific obstacles: inner and outer
  3. Designing Tiny Leaps of Faith
  4. Creating a 60-day plan you feel great about to morph towards your Native Genius


We’ll finalize your 60-day plan in a 1-2 hour* individual coaching session, via video. You’ll also meet with at least one other participant from the group to help each other. *You’ll get 2 individual coaching sessions and a total of 4 hours of coaching. You may spread those 4 hours over the two sessions in proportions that work for you.

Here’s what you’ll walk out with

  1. Understand your innate talents and be able to spot them and describe them over a lifetime. Numerous “aha’s” that help you make sense of yourself and your work—that are actionable and lasting.
  2. Predict and craft future situations to get both fulfillment and impact
  3. Work with habits, courage, vulnerability and intimacy as essential skills to living and working in accord with your innate talents
  4. Have a 60-day plan to morph your innate gifts towards situations you’re excited about—in your current role and beyond
  5. Get a supportive network to use your innate talents to contribute to what matters to you

Native Genius makes me a more successful leader. –Lynda Talgo, Director of Business Integrity, Facebook


$2,850. Includes the methodology and tools, 8 hours of live interactive group learning and coaching, and 4 hours of individual coaching with Kristen via video. SPECIAL BUDDY PRICING. When people do this work with a buddy, they go further faster. We believe in buddies so much that if space allows, your buddy can join for 50% off, a savings of $1,425. 

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Do you have some “Yeah But’s . . . “?

Twenty years ago, I did too. I thought, “Yeah, but what if I don’t really have gifts?” ‘Yeah, but I’m good at a lot of things?” “Yeah, but what if my innate gifts lead me towards less money, less . . . .?” “Yeah, but I’ve tried something like this before.” Here’s what I know for sure. You absolutely have Native Genius. We will for uncover it. I have no doubt about that. You’ll get clear on how to know what you’re good at vs. what you’re truly exceptional at. The key to having an inspired life at work is about the big decisions, and you’ll get clearer on handing those with confidence. But more than the big decisions, it’s about the little things you do every day to shape your work to be fulfilling. It’s like staying healthy and fit. We don’t expect one-and-done for fitness, and it doesn’t work for fulfilling work either. Regardless of your situation, you can learn the skills to shape your work to be more successful—and these skills work in any role at any level. You’ll also learn your particular obstacles and how to work with them.

Why a small group?

The group is limited to 4 participants. Each participant will be screened for fit by Kristen, based on  potential to be successful with Native Genius and being a force for good in the group. Native Genius is not a solo-journey. You’ll get better results with a tribe than I can give you in one-on-one coaching alone. By giving and receiving help from others, you’ll get better at the skills and get to your goals faster. By seeing how important a group is to Native Genius, you’ll be better equipped to take this work into the other groups in your life and make Native Genius sustainable and long-lasting for you.

How will this benefit my company?

Native Genius helps us be a high performing team. Our team size has gotten smaller and yet we’re delivering more than we ever have, and the complexity and scale of what we’re delivering has increased dramatically. –Ian Crawley, Senior Director, ebay

Whether the leader is an individual contributor or leads a team, the insights and skills improve their contribution to the workplace.

  • Research from Gallup, the Corporate Leadership Council and others shows that people who use their innate talents are significantly more engaged and productive. Research shows that engagement drives every bottomline number companies care about: customer satisfaction, employee retention, revenue growth, etc.
  • By learning how to spot and use their own innate talents, leaders learn to do this with others—peers, directs, stakeholders etc. Their relationships and throughput improve because they make true connections around people’s innate talents and help them get the important work done by using them.
  • People leaders learn keys to delegating, motivating and developing others in a way that feels great to them and their people. Leaders learn how to escape the dilemma of choosing between the employee’s happiness and the team’s success because they know how to get both at the same time.

Is this for me if I want to stay in my current role?

Yes. 75% of folks in the US want a specialized subset of what they are already doing, or they want more responsibility in the area where they are already working (Gallup). That means most of us are hovering near our sweet spot. With clarity about what your Native Geniuses are, you can shape and steer your current workload so that its more in your sweet spot. You can proactively direct your growth and development towards where you’ll contribute most and be most fulfilled.

Most of us never get the time and attention to do a deep dive into our innate talents and gifts. Instead we let circumstances direct our work-lives rather than intentionally directing them ourselves—based on what will make us both successful and deeply satisfied. This is a chance to understand your Native Geniuses and how to direct them over the course of your career. 

Is this for me if I’m between roles and looking for my next opportunity?

Yes. This intensive will help you know which roles to go after and how to evaluate opportunities and bosses to make sure the opportunity will be in your sweet spot. You’ll get a clear picture of the kind of work you naturally do, the kind of work “you can’t not do”—and the kind of work that feels like the work you’re meant to be doing. You’ll have clarity and confidence like never before, in a way that you might not have thought was possible. The knowledge about your innate talents and gifts will be nuanced and actionable. You’ll have tools for shaping and steering opportunities into what you want them to be—and even more importantly, shape and steer to they STAY in your sweet spot. 

Often when I work with people, they say they know their strengths, but when we use the Native Genius tools, their eyes look like they’re about to pop out of their head, because they realize so many new and nuanced things about their innate gifts that they didn’t understand before. This knowledge will empower you. You’ll make sure you don’t let frustration or boredom drive you from one ho-hum situation to another. We’ve all heard stories about how someone changes roles and they’re excited at first because it’s new, but then they end up in a similar situation. You’ll get in the right opportunity because you’ll do the upfront reflection work to get clear and be able to shape the opportunity. 

Lastly, when you’re between roles, you’re naturally interested and curious regarding your innate talents because you’re dealing with the real world immediacies of getting a job.  So you’re extra motivated to dig in and understand your Native Geniuses and put that knowledge to work. Plus you’ve probably got some additional time on your hands, making now a good time to invest in you.

Is this for me if I’m an entrepreneur or employee?

Yes. The intensive addresses all types of work situations—from employee to entrepreneur to solopreneur, and from executive to individual contributor. 

What do past participants say?

The work that I’ve done with Kristen Wheeler and Native Genius is among the most profound work that I have done in my life. A little more than a year ago, I was considering leaving my job and selling my company. Instead I merged companies and today I can say with incredible confidence that I love what I do. What an incredible shift for me in just one short year! I can’t adequately express the impact Native Genius has had on me.

–Chris Geer, CEO, H2 Capital

I had been feeling hopeless and at a loss before — in a job transition and thinking “Well, I guess I could do this,” but “I better take what I can get.” Now I have so much hope and who knew I had so many natural abilities? I now know how much I have to offer. Preparing for these job interviews was like planning for a vacation. I knew what I was doing, I went in fully prepared . . . and I just got my dream job.

–Kevin Gray, Senior Facilitator, Verus Global

The way that Kristen explains Native Genius, including her methodology for narrowing in on what matters most, is a life changing reorientation. I got a permission slip to be more wholly myself. Focusing on my Native Genius allows me to show up in ways that are fundamental to my essence – no matter what the circumstance or environment. I highly recommend cultivating and exploring your many Native Genius nuances so that you can be more playful and conscious about how you experience your life.

–Ariel Snapp, User Experience Manager, Towers Watson

If you want more info on the basics of my work with Native Genius, here are answers to 5 key questions.

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Click the button below to get connected with Kristen. Or just call 303-881-7122. Together we’ll make sure this program is right for you. After we make sure it’s a good fit, we’ll send you a link to register.