Native Genius Keynotes with Kristen Wheeler, connect the importance of job satisfaction to your hot-button issues. They’ll leave thinking and talking to each other differently, with simple actions they can use immediately.

If you love the concept of Native Genius but are worried some people will think it’s too touchy feely, we get it. We bring in nuggets of research to keep the talk grounded in what’s proven to drive real results. And we’ll connect these nuggets to your hot button issues.

Which hot button issue is your group facing?

Here are the hot button issues we work with, because Native Genius is at the heart of each of them. If people know how to work with Native Genius in themselves and others, it gives them a huge advantage when it comes to any of these issues.

Business Nitty Gritty. Employee Engagement, Profitability, Innovation, Leadership.

Diversity & Inclusion. Unconscious Bias, Women’s Issues.

Relationships. Collaboration and Teamwork.

The Whole Person. Work-Life Balance, Stress, Mindfulness, Getting Re-energized for Work, Career Development, Authenticity-Vulnerability-Belonging.

“Kristen was a favorite at our event! Her work on Native Genius appealed to people from many different sectors, and her delivery had everybody laughing and feeling connected. We have already asked her back for next year!”

Chantal PierratFounder, Emerging Women Live

“What is so fantastic about her approach is that Kristen brings her work to life –- she is literally a living, breathing example of her message. She brings just a bit of magic to everything she does and the people lucky enough to be in her presence are changed for the better after working with her.”

Anne RobieHead of HR, Stubhub


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