For Teams | Over 4 to 6 months

The Full Program is the comprehensive Native Genius Way —
a mindset-changing, culture-changing and often life-changing process. The Program impacts every hot-button issue you care about: teamwork, engagement and bottom-line results.


The Full Program

Creativity Jumpstart
Challenge Bias & Build Connection
2 Half Days or 1 Full Day


Owning Results & Joy

Full Day — Whole Team


Leading Genius

Half Day — People Leaders Only


Making It Stick

Half Day — Whole Team

Workshops are spread over 4-6 months
so the team has time to apply the tools at work.


When team members help each other make the work more interesting and meaningful, it’s a special dynamic that spreads deep caring. They set up a virtuous cycle of altogether new ways of communicating and collaborating. Team members feel safe being bold. They’re more generous and open with each other. And they bring heaps more resourcefulness and creativity.



Here’s the agenda. We partner with you to lead your team through the Starter Workshops and 3 Workshops in the Full Program. We don’t teach the workshops back-to-back. Instead, we intentionally space the workshops over four to six months. That’s the time it takes for this new way of working to take hold.

Uncovering and using Native Genius isn’t a solo project. Team members need each other to see it, use it and grow into it over time. And it doesn’t happen all at once.

Between workshops, we support your leaders to consistently do baby steps with the team that generate momentum and add-up to make significant impact without feeling like “heavy lifting.”



1. Way better results, and more joy for the team you care about

They’ll be delivering more because they’re loving their work and colleagues.

How much more? Research from the Gallup Organization and the Corporate Leadership Council (among many others) shows that people who regularly use their natural abilities are highly engaged and 60% more productive leading to increased revenue, earnings per share, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

2. The people stuff humming without re-orgs and over-caretaking

Your people will have the skills and help from each other to make their current jobs more meaningful and interesting to them. This build trust and deep bonds.

Development happens alongside the work, as they help each other grow. They take responsibility for their growth and want to do more.

3. Your time back — focused on key priorities

Your team is more self-reliant — they look to themselves and each other for help, rather than always coming to you. You’re confident that you’re getting the best talent on your toughest issues.

There’s less “noise” for you to deal with. People “get it” when you make decisions about who should do what because they share a common understanding of each other’s natural abilities. There’s more trust, less jockeying and more focus on contributing.

“Native Genius is a life
changing re-orientation.”

Ariel SnappUser Experience Leader, Towers Watson


1. To kick ass and get the opportunities they want

Everyone thinks of more options for getting the job done and expanding each other’s unique scope and expertise. Others see their teammates’ value and want them to bring more of it.

2. Meaningful work that inspires

There’s a shared understanding that your people can and should do their job in a way that uses their natural abilities to the fullest. Your people approach the work at hand in a way that makes them feel inspired, because they know that’s how they’ll bring their greatest value. The enjoyment-factor trickles directly into their personal lives. Their friends and family say they’re less grumpy and more fun to be around.

3. To be on a team that’s invested in making the work and each other better

Everyone knows each other’s Native Genius, and where they can rely on each other to get the work done better. They know that not everyone’s good at everything, so they don’t have to hide or overcompensate for their struggles. There’s less competition and more helping each other.


What’s does the agenda look like?

Which leaders and teams is this for?

Ambitious leaders with heart

You’re driven, compassionate and kind. You crave transformational, not incremental, initiatives. You’re not satisfied with a good team; you want a great one.

Leaders who get how the “soft stuff” drives the “hard stuff”


  • Want to get the most from your people in a way that feels great to them
  • Believe strongly that joy and meaning drive engagement and bottom line results
  • Encourage authenticity and vulnerability to foster trust and courage
  • Know the bonds on their team are key to getting things done
  • Are willing to “go first,” and be seen learning alongside your people

Leaders in a “reset-go” phase who need more from the team


  • Inherited, combined or are growing your team
  • Have new or expanded scope
  • Need to shape a positive culture

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I’ve always known this is how people work best,” or just tip-toeing into the territory, then we’re a great fit for working together. Either way, the results will be dramatic because you believing in joy and meaning alongside results, is essential to Native Genius reaching the DNA of your team.

How’s Native Genius different from what we’ve done before?

You get real and lasting change that sticks

The Native Genius Way is more than a one-time workshop — it’s a carefully designed process that changes the way your team thinks about work and interacts with each other. That process happens during the workshops and small steps you do between workshops. We love geeking out on what it takes to change — head, heart, and action. Our work is based on the latest research and proven strategies.

The team works with their real-time challenges

Native Genius isn’t something you add-on to your work — it’s an upgrade to the way you work. The program focuses on what’s going on in your team’s work day, and sets up the team for continued learning within their normal work routine.

The team moves toward each other — getting better together

You can’t have an inspired life at work by yourself. People need each other. We open minds to a new way of working together. People regard and help each other differently. This opens the door to new ways collaborating that they didn’t even know were possible.

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