“Native Genius makes me a more successful leader.”

Lynda Talgo
COO HyperWallet

It comes down to how you think about ability and intelligence in yourself and your team. It comes down to what we call Native Genius.

It’s possible to get more joy and meaning from your work — with bigger results, not at the expense of them. We all say, “Yeah yeah, I know.” But few of us really attend to bringing joy and results together.

Get bigger wins in a bigger way. We’ll show you how.

Native Genius is a body of work that helps people get in the sweet spot
of what they love doing and what they’re good at — because it’s not only good for them,
it also brings significantly better results and relationships.

We show you HOW to make it a reality through simple practices you use with each other.

Native Genius for Teams and Groups

You’re an ambitious leader with heart

Native Genius gets you the magic combination of eye-popping results and a close-knit team
of awesome people, who think big, value each other, love their work, and get it done. You get extra bandwidth,
heading home relieved and inspired.


Native Genius for Individuals

You want more from your work life

Get the clarity and confidence of knowing your innate talents and their value. Be your real self at work.
Learn to shape your current work or new role around your sweet spot. More time using your Native Genius
makes you better and happier — at work and beyond.


“Native Genius helps us be a high performing team. Our team size has gotten smaller and yet we’re delivering more than we ever have, and the complexity and scale of what we’re delivering has increased dramatically.”

Ian CrawleySenior Director, eBay


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