Here’s what Native Genius and my work are all about. . .

Native Genius is the unique uber intelligence that is innate to each of us. When cultivated, Native Genius brings out the exceptional in every person.

Native Genius isn’t just one thing, it’s made up of many behaviors that combine to put us in the “zone” that is our best self, therefore our most productive, innovative and resilient self.

By amplifying Native Genius in your staff, you will access the part of their character that can best be utilized to your advantage, and to their satisfaction.

I can help create a fire in your team for facing new challenges with less overwhelm. I can help them be more fulfilled, to create and deliver what you need from them, and what they want from themselves. I can help you find new ways to innovate without burning out your people. I can help them work better together. And I can help you have more fulfillment, safety and security as a leader. It’s all about . . .

More profits, less hassle, better vibes.

Native Genius helps you get what you want using resources you already have. It’s like finding a stash of presents hiding in plain sight.